I started my business with a backpack and $500 on the Caribbean Sea. As a yacht captain and business owner, I specialized in Corporate group training and team building.


I spent nearly a decade sailing with customers to the most beautiful and inspiring places on Earth. I prided myself on ensuring my customers walked away with a revived motivation, and a breakthrough idea or two. I found the most satisfaction when my clients, my crew, and myself all walked away with a refreshed perspective that created the energy we all seek to thrive on.


After my first Atlantic crossing, I discovered things in myself I never knew were possible. These weeks at sea inspired me to step outside my comfort zone and reach my real potential.


So, I’ve taken my experiences with my team and my clients on the open ocean, paired it with my insatiable desire for self-development, and I’ve transformed it into a passion for coaching.


Now I support companies and organizations whose mission includes having a positive impact on the health and well-being of their customers and employees.


I provide highly customized C-Level services honed by my experiences on the front lines with multifamily and single-family real estate companies, as well as start-ups, online businesses, and health and fitness organizations.