Leaders are the ones who hold the responsibility of getting things done. But what is real leadership? How does it look in your business? 

No matter what, the fault falls on the shoulders of the commander regardless of what the crew should or shouldn't do. If a mistake was made, it can be sourced back to something that could or should have been done by the leader, and a good leader will take responsibility knowing they have the power to produce a different outcome. 

One the sea, if you don't give crystal clear commands, don't have the proper procedures set in place or don't have absolute respect and trust from your crew, the catastrophic results can quickly become dangerous and life-threatening. However, when these things are adequately managed and your captain carries the mystique, that X-Factor which instills confidence and certainty, your team can successfully cross oceans together no matter how many storms may rage during the journey. 

This application is no different in the business world. Although mistakes may not leave you capsized in the middle of the ocean, the importance of understanding exceptional leadership will have a make or break effect on your business.