How To Create and Achieve on a Higher and More Productive Level

Believe it or not, you can accomplish just about anything by taking advantage of the human neuro asset; Your Reticular Activation System (RAS). At any given moment, we are surrounded by an overwhelming amount of data. We as humans are not able to focus on all of it at once. 

The job or RAS is to filter out what you don't consider to be important. In other words, you only fully see and experience the things in life that you believe to be valuable. 

This lovely tool is quite frequently wasted or can also be used against us. I.E., If you believe you aren't confident your RAS will work to validate that, however, if you were to focus your thoughts on understanding you ARE confident, your RAS will then work to validate that instead. 

With training and understanding, this can be one of our most significant assets by focusing your attention on the things you desire to make critical components of your life. You may think manifestation is esoteric, but in reality, it's merely the ability to apply the focus of your RAS and produce the creation of your choosing.